Solar System Revealed

Mom and Son in Solar System Revealed

Solar System Revealed

Blast Off!

Featuring scale models of the planets, you’ll be amazed to see just how tiny the Earth and Mars are in comparison to the size of our Sun.

Discover interesting facts about all 8 planets along with Pluto the dwarf planet, the Asteroid Belt, and the Kuiper Belt. Build your very own Solar System at the Solar System Creator. Learn about the amazing science being done in our Solar System by researchers here at the University of Arizona.  Plus, you’ll learn about NASA’s new OSIRIS-REx mission to return a sample from an asteroid. The University of Arizona is leading this breakthrough mission and the mission headquarters is right here in Tucson!

Things to See and Do:

  • Asteroid Cave - Experience the inside of an asteroid in our asteroid cave! Inside, learn about OSIRIS-REx. Watch out for any magma!
  • Moon Map - In our exhibit, see a large model of our moon, marked with important landmarks!
  • Gravity Model - Learn about weight and mass using our gravity model! Feel for yourself how weight and mass change based on the differences in gravity on each planet!
  • Saturn V Rocket Model - Cool! Learn about the Saturn V Rocket while standing next to a scaled model of it.