The Fossil Corner

fossil model

The Fossil Corner

Science you'll really dig!

Come look back into deep geologic time and discover how fossils form through informative displays and stunning specimens.

Our Fossil Corner exhibit showcases the many different forms of life that flourished on the earth long ago, from dinosaurs to cave bears to exotic sea creatures. 

Things to see and do:

  • “Paleo Reef” display - A vivid, colorful detailed display of what life looked like under the seas as it evolved across a span of 600 million years, from the Cambrian to the Cretaceous Period – it’s like gazing into a time-machine aquarium.
  • Fossil Games - Be sure to play the multi-person game where you try your hardest to become a fossil. With lots of twists and turns, you may realize how many things have to line up just right for fossils to be preserved in sedimentary rock and recovered intact.