Field Trips

School Field Trips

From earthly wonders to the farthest reaches of space, field trips at Flandrau reveal the marvels of the universe!

Located on the mall of the University of Arizona campus, Flandrau Science Center & Planetarium offers hands-on exhibits to ignite curiosity and inspire future scientists. Flandrau’s shows and experiences are designed to connect with the members of your school or youth group and are geared to Arizona State Science Standards.

Two floors of science exhibits let your group explore our vast and fascinating universe—both here on Earth and beyond our solar system—and your group will have the option to see an amazing full-dome show in the planetarium theater. You’ll feel like you’re flying through space as you launch from the Earth and visit planets, moons, stars and asteroids.

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Details and fine print


  • Payment is due in full at the time of check-in.
  • Payment can be made by cash or credit card and should be done in one transaction.
  • No coupons or additional discounts can be applied to the group visit rates.
  • Groups arriving with fewer than 10 participants will be charged the base rate for your group type.


  • Cancellations must be received by email at, at least three weeks prior to your scheduled visit date.
  • Cancellations received with less than a three-week notice will be billed for the base rate for your group type.
  • The option to reschedule is dependent on availability.


  • One group of up to 75 participants may tour exhibits and then watch a planetarium show together.
  • Groups over 75 participants require two registrations per activity (due to capacity limits) and may be split into two even groups rotating between exhibits and planetarium show.


  • Exhibits or Planetarium show only= Approx. 1 Hour.
  • Exhibits and Planetarium show= Approx. 2 Hours.