Undersea Discovery - Aquarium Exhibit in Tucson

Undersea Discovery at Flandrau in Tucson

Undersea Discovery

Submerged in Science!

Our newest exhibit is teeming with interesting and colorful creatures, hands-on activities, and an intertidal touch experience where you can interact with ocean inhabitants under staff guidance.

From its intertidal zone where visitors get to handle living coral reef residents to the midnight zone where guests can investigate creatures of the deep, Undersea Discovery represents an exciting new way for our community to learn about ocean science, conservation, and marine biology.

Things to See and Do

  • Intertidal Touch Experience - See, touch, and learn about intertidal life under the guidance of Flandrau staff. See times and information below.
  • Coral, Kelp Forest, and Open Ocean Tanks - Discover the different plants and animals who live in these unique regions of the sea.
  • Giant Squid (sculpture) - See eye to huge eye with this 25-foot-long adolescent giant squid sculpture and learn about these mysterious creatures in the Midnight Zone. Here, visitors learn about the special adaptations creatures like vampire squids and angler fish need to live under immense pressure.
  • Ocean Rescue Game - Help a Greater Yellowlegs Shorebird, Green Sea Turtle, or Bottlenose Dolphin navigate plastic bags, trash, and oil spills in this digital, touchscreen game.
  • Microscope Projection Station - Investigate the minute structures of the ocean’s tiniest dwellers through a special microscope. A live feed of your view will be projected overhead.
  • Ocean Sounds Game - Can you identify whales, seals, orcas, and other ocean animals by their interesting sounds alone? Find out at this game.

Intertidal Touch Experience

A Flandrau staff member waits to greet visitors at the aquatic touch tank

In this experience, a trained Flandrau staff member will introduce you to various animals that live in the Earth's intertidal zones.

Demonstration time runs for 30 minutes in total.

  • Weekdays at 3:00PM
  • Weekends at 11:30AM, 1:30PM, and 3:00PM

Visitors will be taught how to safely hold some of our ocean guests briefly while there. The invertebrates you will meet (or animals without backbones) may be wiggly but they are excited to meet you! Please listen carefully to directions from the Flandrau team member assisting you.

Add a Planetarium Show to Your Visit

Expedition Reef Planetarium Show poster square

While you're here, check out the new planetarium show "Expedition Reef!" This full-dome film reveals in exquisite detail the breathtaking beauty and biodiversity of coral reefs—and the scientists taking action to restore them.

Planetarium show tickets are required.

See showtimes

Meet the Neighborhood!

Below are just a few of the many swimming friends we have throughout the exhibit!

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Discover the creatures that inhabit our rocky shorelines in the coral reef tank! A variety of fish, anenomes, and more have adapted to live in this ever-changing region.

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The open ocean is home to a variety of schooling fish, eels, and more. Meet the inhabitants that live in the wild blue ocean!

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The tall stalks of kelp often found along coastlines are home to a variety of animals that call the underwater jungle their home.