Destination: Mars

Mars Exhibit Header

Destination: Mars

The Red Planet

Our Mars exhibit features the worlds largest scale model of the surface of Mars, all created from real spacecraft data.

Explore the history of missions to the red planet and learn about the different types of spacecraft that have made fascinating discoveries there. See how Mars compares to planet Earth and what it might take for a human mission to Mars. Don’t miss our rare meteorite from Mars and the largest scale model of the surface of Mars in the world.

Things to See and Do

  • Zagami Meteorite - Look at a piece of Mars that witnesses saw fall to the Earth in 1962! 
  • Mars Touch Screen - Watch videos on the exhibits touch screen tablet to watch actual film from the Mars Rover!
  • Mars Timeline -  Read a brief record of history of our relationship with Mars, including information on spacecrafts that have reached the Red Planet
  • #Flandraumars - Don't forget to take a selfie with the surface of Mars and post it with the hashtag #Flandraumars!