What should my child bring and wear to camp each day? 
Your child should wear and bring:

  • Comfortable, closed-toed shoes and clothing that allows for active learning. Each week of camp will include creative arts, science experiments, fitness activities, field trips to on- or off-campus locations and so clothing that is comfortable and can get a little dirty is best!
  • Lunch and two snacks each day. Refrigeration is available.
  • Water bottle and hat/sunscreen for time outdoors
  • Appropriate swim attire on designated swim days

Remember to label all belongings with the camper’s name and phone number. Please keep all entertainment devices at home.

How can my camper be added to the Waitlist?

If you would like to be added to the wait list for this camp, please email UA Fusion Camp at uafusion@gmail.com with "Wait List" in the Subject Line.  Please include the camper's first and last name, Camp week and title you would like to get into and your best method of contact.

Will my child play outside?
Yes, somedays will include outdoor activity time. The 3rd/4th grade and 5th-7th grade campers will swim for one hour, twice a week, so please bring appropriate swim attire. The pool we will swim in is the UA Rec Center pool, and we will only be in the shallow end, which is approximately 4 ft deep. In addition to the counselors who will be directly supervising and swimming with the students at all times, the Rec Center has numerous lifeguards surrounding the pool at all times. Further, we will assess students swimming skills on campers first day in the pool in order to give each child the best swimming experience and will work to improve swimming confidence and skills during their time in the pool. There are also floaty mats available for the campers to use. There are shaded tables at the pool, so your child can bring an alternative activity (i.e. a book) if he or she doesn't want to swim. We will also spend 30 minutes, two days per week playing organized games related to the theme of the camp.  Sometimes we will play on the grassy mall directly in front of Flandrau or in the shade just east of Flandrau's entrance. We will walk to various locations on campus. Remember to send a hat and sunscreen for protection, as well as a water bottle labeled with your child's name.

Will my child do any creative art during camp?
Yes, we feel that there are many ways of learning, including through the arts. Each day will include not only hands-on science explorations as a vehicle to teach concepts, but also physical activity, creative arts and time to explore the science center’s exhibit galleries.

Who will be teaching my child?
We are fortunate to be a part of a rigorous academic environment at the University of Arizona and so we select undergraduate and graduate students with backgrounds in education or science to serve as counselors as well as local teachers.  All of our counselors are trained extensively.

My child has a learning disability or other special needs. Will he or she be able to participate in the camp program?
We pride ourselves on catering to the needs of each child and are happy to talk with you about your camper’s special needs. We prefer to know about all special circumstances before camp begins to assist with planning and staff training.  If your child has relevant special or medical needs, we'd like to talk with you prior to registering your child for camp to ensure that we can properly support them. Please contact the camp director via email at mnhensley@email.arizona.edu and indicate you have special camp needs in the subject line. If you decide to join us, we also ask you to provide detailed information about your child's special needs.

What's the process for dropping off and picking up my child each day?

Drop-off and pick-up activities for camp sessions will take place in the small parking lot directly north of the Flandrau Science Center & Planetarium (Cherry Avenue and Hawthorne Street). 

 As an important safety measure, Flandrau will only release campers at pick-up to authorized persons. As part of the completed registration, you may authorize up to two people in addition to parents/legal gaurdians who may pick up your camper with the presentation of valid identification. This requires your contact information so we can contact you in the event that an unauthorized individual arrives to pick up your child.

What does my child do during Early and After Care times?

Campers are supervised by UA Fusion staff during extended care times 7:30-8:30 am and 4:30-5:30pm, and their activities will vary day to day. Tabletop games, active games, exploration in the museum’s galleries, and toy-based play are popular activities with campers during extended care. If temperature and weather conditions permit, campers may play outside during extended care.

What happens if there are disciplinary issues at camp?
We rarely experience serious disciplinary issues and keep campers thoroughly engaged to maximize learning and minimize "acting out." We will handle discipline issues on a case-by-case basis. Talking with campers is our first response; "think time" is utilized when necessary. We will relay all discipline issues to parents as they occur and will work in partnership with families to develop effective solutions.

What happens if a child is injured at camp?
Each camper’s Medical Release (completed during registration) authorizes certified camp staff members to administer first aid. In case of emergency, camp staff will obtain care at University of Arizona Medical Center (or the nearest emergency medical facility if we are off campus on a field trip) and contact the child's parents.

May I visit during camp?
We encourage parents to visit only during the lunch period. This helps us keep each camper focused on his or her camp activities.
 Should you need to visit with your child during camp, please notify the camp coordinator first. Because camp activities are in various locations (classrooms, outdoor play areas), the coordinator will help you locate your child quickly.

How many children are in each camp session?

Each session has a maximum of 15 for Kindergarten, 24 for 1st/2nd, 24 for 3rd/4th, and 24 campers for 5th-7th grade. There are two counselors and in most cases at least one teen volunteer to assist the counselors. 

My child is academically gifted. Can he or she attend a camp listed for older children?
Child development is a major consideration in creating our camp programs. Our camps are designed by a curriculum specialist to provide age-appropriate educational content and social interaction. We have also taken into consideration that many children who attend specialized camps come with great interest and knowledge in specific topics. Given our experiences and our emphasis on age- and developmentally-appropriate programs, we do not accept younger children into programs for older students.

My child takes daily medication. Can you help administer it?
The Medicine Administration Consent Form, can be completed during camper drop-off and affords you the chance to provide detailed instructions. ALL medication that is taken on a regularly schedule basis will be kept in Flandrau offices and administered by the camp coordinator.  Any medication that is needed if an emergency situation arises, such as an epi pen for an allergic reaction, will be kept with the camp counselors at all times so that it is immediately available.