Solar Eclipse Event in Tucson

View the annular solar eclipse in Tucson on the UA Mall


8 a.m. to noon, Oct. 14, 2023

Solar Eclipse Event in Tucson


Watch the eclipse with us!

The partial annular solar eclipse is coming to Tucson on the morning of October 14th, 2023! Locally, we will see about 78% of the Sun covered by the Moon. Gather your friends and hang out on the UA Mall outside Flandrau for the partial 'ring of fire' eclipse. Look out for solar telescopes nearby and feel free to take a break inside Flandrau and enjoy reduced science exhibit admission of only $5. Following the eclipse, there will be solar-themed planetarium shows throughout the day.

Eclipse Timeline

8:12AM Partial Annular Solar Eclipse Begins
9:33AM Max view (time when the maximum amount of the Sun's disk is covered)
11:05AM Partial Annular Solar Eclipse Ends

Solar Eclipse Glasses and Telescopes

Certified solar viewing glasses (with a fun Flandrau design and logo!) are available on location now and during the event for $5. 

Depending on demand, an additional cash-only line may form and is typically much faster than card payments for solar glasses.

Solar telescopes will be on site free of charge for shared use on the day of the eclipse.

solar eclipse glasses

Safety info: Flandrau solar viewing glasses are ISO certified and "conform to and meet the Transmission Requirements of ISO 12312-2, Filters for Direct Observation of the Sun."

Solar Eclipse spectator outside Flandrau. Gredit Rick Wiley Arizona Daily Star

During an annular eclipse, it is never safe to look directly at the Sun without specialized eye protection designed for solar viewing. Review these safety guidelines to prepare for Oct. 14, 2023.

What's happening inside Flandrau?

Eclipse lecture in the planetarium

Eclipse Theater Livestream (free)


You can safely view the eclipse without solar glasses via a livestream in our planetarium!

No admission required. Visitors may visit the theater at their leisure.

Solar System Square

Special Science Exhibit Price ($5)


From Earthly wonders to far-off planets, Flandrau's exhibits reveal the marvels of the universe.

Admission is per person. Free for Flandrau members.

Private event at Flandrau Science Center

Planetarium Shows ($8 to $12)

11AM, 12:30PM, 2PM, and 3:30PM

Escape the planet Earth when you take a seat in the Eos Planetarium Theater for a full-dome show or star talk.

Tickets are per person. Kids are $8 and adults are $12 with discounts for Flandrau members, seniors, military, EBT, and college IDs.

More Eclipse Information

A solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth. The Moon covers the Sun from our perspective, making it look like the Sun is disappearing. What makes a solar eclipse partial is that the line between the Earth, Moon, and Sun isn't perfectly straight. Because of this, part of the Sun stays visible, giving it the appearance of a crescent.

An annular solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth while it is near its farthest point from Earth. Due to its distance, the Moon appears smaller than the Sun and leaves a ring (or annulus) of the Sun's disk visible around the edge of the Moon. Similar to a total eclipse, the annular eclipse is only visible along a narrow path, in this case going from Oregon to Texas and then from the Yucatán to eastern Brazil. While Tucson is close to this path, we are not directly in it, so we will see a partial eclipse instead of an annular one.

From Tucson we will see about 78% of the Sun covered by the Moon. This is the most coverage we have seen since 2012, and it won't be beat again until 2071!

See NASA's overview of solar eclipse information.

More Tucson-specific info from Time & Date.

Planetarium Show Schedule

Make the day even more special with an out-of-this-world show in the planetarium!

We are expected big crowds for the eclipse, and planetarium shows may sell out. Advance purchase is highly recommended.

Laser Light Music Night

We couldn't have a solar eclipse without the Moon, so we're keeping the celebration going into the evening. Science exhibit admission is included with your ticket. These special events are $18 per person with a $0.95 processing fee for online sales. These sell out quickly!

Eclipse Simulator