Field Trips

K-12 Schools and Youth Organizations

All field trips, group visits, capacity limits, and other aspects of visiting Flandrau are subject to change without notice if current university policies on COVID-19 change.

Please see our current COVID-19 Protocols.

k-12 field trip

From earthly wonders to the farthest reaches of space, field trips at Flandrau
reveal the marvels of the universe...


Located on the mall of the University of Arizona campus, Flandrau Science Center & Planetarium offers hands-on exhibits to ignite curiosity and inspire future scientists. Flandrau’s shows and experiences are designed to connect with the members of your school or youth group and are geared to Arizona State Science Standards.

Two floors of science exhibits let your group explore our vast and fascinating universe—both here on earth and beyond our solar system—and your group will have the option to see an amazing full-dome show in the planetarium theater. You’ll feel like you’re flying through space as you launch from the Earth and visit planets, moons, stars and asteroids.

Science Center Exhibits

Explore what lurks in our oceans and what crawls under our feet in our shark and bug exhibits. Wild World of Bugs reveals our connections to the diverse and interesting lifeforms that, however small, play a huge role in shaping life as we know it. Sharks: Magnificent and Misunderstood submerges students into educational deepsea adventures, featuring digital games and displays that uncover shark science. Our asteroid cave is a gateway to exhibits that explore the terrain of Mars as well as the rovers that traverse the red planet itself. Downstairs, students use critical thinking skills to solve fun, prehistoric puzzles in our Puzzling the Past exhibit.


Planetarium Shows

Come aboard and take a seat in our full-dome planetarium theater for adventures in space and science. Your field trip has the option to choose from one of our current shows or from of a variety of shows from our catalog to suit your current curriculum.

Our collection of shows focus on a variety of subjects including planetary science, earth science, astronomy, lunar history, and more. All our shows are hosted by trained and knowledgeable operators, often passionate college students working towards their degrees in science and other fields here at the University of Arizona. 



Please read all sections before registering.


Schools and Youth Organizations

$80 base price for up to 10 total participants 
(Total participant count includes chaperones. Teachers are free.

Price includes one planetarium show and admission to exhibits.)

+$8 for each additional participant

Title I Schools

Am I a Title I School?

$60 base price for up to 10 total participants
(Total participant count includes chaperonesTeachers are free.
Price includes one planetarium show and admission to exhibits.

+$6 for each additional participant

University of Arizona affiliate

$60 base price for up to 10 total participants
(Total participant count includes chaperones. Teachers are free.
Price includes one planetarium show and admission to exhibits.)

+$6 for each additional participant

Capacity and Duration

One group of up to 75 participants may tour exhibits and then watch a planetarium show together
Groups over 75 participants must be split into two even groups rotating between exhibits and planetarium shows due to theater capacity
Exhibits only Approx. 1 Hour
Exhibits and Planetarium show Approx. 2 Hours
(planetarium shows typically run 40-60 min)

PDF: General group visit information

^Includes day-of information like parking, food, and more.


Day Available Start Times
Monday through Friday mornings 9AM
11AM (Fridays only)
Monday through Friday afternoons Limited availability due to UArizona classes, but some opportunities available


Payment and Cancellation Policy


Payment is due in full at the time of check-in

Payment can be made by cash or credit card and should be done in one transaction
No coupons or additional discounts can be applied to the group visit rates

Groups arriving with fewer than 10 participants will be charged the base rate for your group type

  • $80 K-12/Youth Organization Group Rate
  • $60 Title I K-12 Group Rate
  • $60 University of Arizona affiliate


Cancellations must be received by email at, at least 3-weeks prior to your scheduled visit date
Cancellations received with less than a 3-week notice will be billed for the base rate for your group type. The option to reschedule is dependent on availability


Important tips: Exhibits and planetarium shows are separate registrations.

Register for back-to-back times if you want your group to do both.

Example: Register for 9AM Science Exhibits and then a 10AM Planetarium Show.



Prices include science exhibits and the option to watch a planetarium show. Payment due on day of visit.