Show Descriptions

Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure

Get a view of the fascinating universe of insects magnified up to 250,000 times their normal size in BUGS! A Rainforest Adventure. Become immersed in a miniature world, where a leaf weighs as much as a car and a single raindrop can quench the largest thirst. Highlighting the extraordinary world of insects, BUGS! A Rainforest Adventure focuses on the life cycles of a praying mantis and a butterfly from their birth to their inevitable encounter in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia, where predator meets prey. 

Recommended for general audiences.
Themes: Bugs, insects, entomology, nature, biology
Style: Fulldome film followed by live presentation

We Are Stars

A fun, gorgeously animated fulldome show about cosmic chemistry and our explosive origins, this dazzling film reveals how hydrogen and carbon, the very building blocks of life, formed in the universe and then brings it all back to us – we are made of stars!

Recommended for younger audiences.
Themes: Stars, element formation
Style: Fulldome animated film followed by star talk

Perfect Little Planet

Discover our solar system through a new set of eyes – a family from another star system seeking the perfect vacation spot. Fly over the surface of Pluto, our best known Dwarf Planet. Dive down the ice cliffs of Miranda. Sail through the rings of Saturn. Feel the lightning storms at Jupiter. And walk on the surface of Mars. Which destination would you choose? This is the solar system journey for space travelers of all ages.

Recommended for younger audiences.
Themes: Planets, planet features
Style: Fulldome animated film followed by star talk

Expedition Reef

Expedition Reef Planetarium Show poster

The Expedition Reef show reveals, in exquisite detail, the breathtaking beauty and biodiversity of coral reefs around the world—and the scientists taking action to restore them. Embark on an oceanic safari of the world’s most vibrant marine ecosystems.

Audience: General, all ages
Style: : Live presentation about reefs

Touring the Solar System

"Touring the Solar System" poster

Zoom away from planet Earth and take a guided tour through the Solar System! In this show we stop by each of the planets and learn why they are unique. Hold on, this is one fun ride!

Recommended for general audiences.
Themes: Facts about Planets, space exploration
Style: Live presentation

Tucson Sky & Beyond

"Tucson Sky and Beyond" poster

This is our "classic" night sky show, but not like you remember it! Take a relaxing look at the night sky as one of our skilled "Console Captains" gives you a guided tour of the stars, planets, constellations and current events happening in the night sky. This live show is never the same and there is always a surprise in store.

Recommended for general audiences.
Themes: Stars, planets, constellations, mythology 
Style: Live presentation

Black Holes

Black holes are one of the most intriguing and mysterious phenomena in the universe, a place where humans could never venture—until now!.

Recommended for general audiences. 
Style: Fulldome film followed by live presentation

Laser Queen

"Laser Queen" poster

Dynamite with a laser beam! When the music of QUEEN meets the rippling laser lights on the planetarium dome, get ready to rock your head off.  “Laser Queen” brings the operatic glam rock of the legendary rock band to luminous, pulsing life with laser beams.

Ride the power of Freddie Mercury’s voice as you sing along to all the hits, including "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," "Under Pressure," "Another One Bites the Dust," and of course "Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Recommended for general audiences.
Style: Laser Light Music Show

Laser Stranger Things

Laser Stranger Things Banner

You loved the Stranger Things series on Netflix, you grooved to the awesome ‘80s pop-rock soundtrack and the show’s spooky synth theme song. Now the songs and the lights in Laser Stranger Things will transport you back to that dark, delightful adventure. Come see the new laser music show at Flandrau Science Center & Planetarium and turn your world Upside Down.

Recommended for general audiences. 
Style: Laser Light Music Show

Undiscovered Worlds

Explore the timeless question of whether other planets like the Earth exist.

The now almost weekly discovery of exoplanets reminds us that our Solar System is not the only one in the Universe. Increasing numbers of alien worlds redefine our understanding of planets and the nature of solar systems.

With rapidly improving technology and instruments like the Kepler Telescope, the discovery of exoplanets brings us closer to the possibility of finding an Earth-like world.

When we do, how will it change the way we view our place in the Universe?

Recommended for general audiences. 
Style: Fulldome Film

Laser Bowie

Laser Bowie poster

Laser Bowie celebrates the musical legacy of the enigmatic chameleon of music David Bowie. Enjoy the glam and spectacle of lasers dancing along with the music of one of the most influential artists in music.

Song List
Oh! You Pretty Thing
Let's Dance
Rebel Rebel
Modern Love
Under Pressure
Space Oddity 
Life On Mars
Ziggy Stardust

Recommended for general audiences.
Style: Laser Light Music show by Laser Fantasy.
Runtime: 50 Minutes

Forward! To the Moon

Forward! To the Moon which engages audiences in NASA efforts to send both humans and robots to the Moon and Mars. NASA’s 21st century Artemis program, named after the Greek moon Goddess and twin of Apollo, is the next step in our mission to explore the universe and land the first woman and person of color on the surface of the Moon.

Narrated by Kari Byron from CrashTest World and Mythbusters, the film features the NASA Artemis program along with the Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program.

Recommended for general audiences. 
Style: Theatrical planetarium show

Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon

Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Laser Show poster

Based on Pink Floyd’s 1973 album of humanitarian, political and philosophical empathy, Dark Side of the Moon is one of the most startling and bizarre laser light shows of all time! Considered by many critics to be the album that brought the commercial breakthrough to Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon offers a mixture of psychedelic, rock and jazz sounds. Its sonic backdrops and atmospheric soundscapes combined with a unique assortment of sound effects yield an emotional resonance. When accompanied by a diverse and unusual display of laser art, the overall feel is a dramatic and haunting atmosphere.

Recommended for adult audiences. 
Style: Laser Light Music show by AVI
Runtime: 45 Minutes

Pink Floyd: The Wall

The Wall Laser Light Show poster

The Wall is best considered as a continual story rather than a collection of individual songs. It tells the tale of a rock star named Pink and his downward spiral into madness. To the listener, and indeed many critics, The Wall is a gripping and spellbinding musical journey – beautiful, haunting, powerful and thought provoking. It is a timeless classic, and one of Pink Floyd’s best, becoming the group’s second best seller behind Dark Side of the Moon. Now coupled with spectacular and mesmerizing laser art, Pink Floyd’s classic 1979 epic about personal struggle takes on a unique look, weaving its story in one of the most popular laser shows ever produced! Visitors will become lost and spellbound as their senses join this timeless journey.

Recommended for adult audiences.
Style: Laser Light Music show by AVI
Runtime: 50 Minutes

Laser Gaga

Laser Gaga Poster

With her meteoric rise to fame, Lady Gaga is undeniable force in modern music and entertainment. Bring some excitement and glam to your dome with Laser Gaga.

Song List

Bad Romance
Perfect Illusion
Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
Boys Boys Boys
Million Reasons (LUMIA)
Telephone (BEAMS)
Born This Way
Applause (BEAMS)
The Fame
--- ENCORES ---
Poker Face
Just Dance (BEAMS)

Recommended for adult audiences. 
Style: Laser Light Music show

Laser Taylor Swift

Laser Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. With over 200 million records sold, a shelf full of Grammys, and an army of fans, Taylor Swift is an inspiration for generations. Laser Taylor Swift takes her biggest hits and brings them to life in dazzling laser light. If you can’t score tickets to her concert, Laser Taylor Swift is the next best thing.

Set List:

You Need To Calm Down
Love Story
Exile (LUMIA)
Look What You Made Me Do (BEAMS)
Lavender Haze (BEAMS)
...Ready For It?
I Knew You Were Trouble
Bad Blood
Blank Space
You Belong With Me -  (BEAMS)
--- ENCORES ---
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
Shake It Off (BEAMS)

Laser Journey

Laser Journey

Laser Journey: Don’t Stop Believing - With world wide album sales of close to 90 million records, Journey is one of the biggest arena rock bands ever. Featuring dazzling guitar solos and melodies you can’t help but sing along with, Laser Journey brings this timeless music to life in brilliant laser light. Whether you first fell in love with Journey's songs while rollerskating in the 80’s, watching American Idol or Glee, Laser Journey is a fun for audiences of all ages. - 54 minutes

Set List:

Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
Stone in Love
Only the Young 
Open Arms (LUMIA)
Be Good to Yourself 
Who's Crying Now
Any Way You Want It (BEAMS)
Don't Stop Believin' 
Wheel in the Sky
--- ENCORES ---
Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin’ (BEAMS)

Laser Metallica

Laser Metallica in Tucson poster

Rock’s hardest hitting music and some of Laser Fantasy’s most powerful laser effects combine in the definitive heavy-metal laser show.

Set List:

Eye of the Beholder
Enter Sandman
Sad But True
Ride the Lightning
Master of Puppets
--- ENCORES ---
Breadfan (BEAMS)

Laser Led Zeppelin 

Laser Led Zeppelin

The definitive Led Zeppelin laser show, Laser Zeppelin covers a wide range of their hits from the 70s.

Set List:

In the Evening
Ramble On
Communications Break Down
Babe (I'm Gonna Leave You) - (LUMIA)
Black Dog
Stairway to Heaven
D’yer Maker
Good Times Bad Times - (BEAMS)
Whole Lotta' Love
Rock and Roll
--- ENCORES ---
The Song Remains the Same - (BEAMS)

Laser Elton John's Rocket Man 

Laser Elton John

Elton John has sold over 300 million records over 6 decades in show business, making him one of the biggest selling artists of all time. Laser Elton John celebrates his larger than life persona, bringing the Rocket Man’s powerful music to life in gorgeous laser light.

Set List:

Benny and the Jets
I'm Still Standing
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - (LUMIA)
I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues - (BEAMS)
Crocodile Rock
Your Song
Daniel - (BEAMS)
Candle in the Wind - (BEAMS)
Tiny Dancer - (BEAMS)
Rocket Man - (LUMIA BEAMS) 
Saturday Night - (BEAMS)

Laser 80s

Laser 80s

Rock out to pop hits from the ‘80s in our ‘80s Pop Laser Show! Enjoy high-tech lasers set to songs from Cyndi Lauper, David Bowie, a-ha, The B-52’s, and more.

Laser Vinyl

Laser Vinyl

This is what laser shows are all about! We presents Laser Vinyl – a program that captures the pure intent of the laser show experience. Accompanying a fantastic musical concert representing the best of classic rock is some of the most beautiful and stunning laser art ever produced! Reminisce, tap your feet and enjoy a truly fantastic audio-visual event that will rock your body, mind and soul!

Set List:

Back in Black - ACDC

Karn Evil 9 - Emerson, Lake & Palmer Jump - Van Halen

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

Carry On My Wayward Son - Kansas

Rock-n-Roll All Night - Kiss

Dream On - Aerosmith

Rock-n-Roll Band - Boston

Separate Ways - Journey

One Of These Days - Pink Floyd

One Sky

one sky

One Sky is a brand new fulldome show that talks about the the night sky from the perspective of a different culture or Indigenous society from around the globe. Discover how, and what, the sky means for all people as a method for not only finding patterns but inspiring us to look up.

General audiences, followed by a live star talk.