International Day of Light

May 15, 2022 -1:30 to 5:00PM

Explore the science of light!

Enjoy a free planetarium show, light science lecture, and other educational opportunities!


Flandrau Science Center & Planetarium, 1601 E University Blvd, Tucson


Sunday, May 15


1:30pm to 5pm


Enjoy a free planetarium show (2PM) and a free public presentation on the science of light (3:30PM). If you want to visit Flandrau science exhibits, regular admission applies ($7 to $9).

The International Day of Light celebrates the role light plays in science, culture and art, education, and sustainable development, and in fields as diverse as medicine, communications, and energy. The celebration will allow many different sectors of society worldwide to participate in activities that demonstrates how science, technology, art and culture can help achieve the goals of UNESCO – building the foundation for peaceful societies.

Optics and photonics are the science and engineering of light used everywhere, every day. Join us on May 15 to explore and discover the world of optics and Arizona’s world leaders in the science of light!

Attention teachers and students: This event is a great learning opportunity! Students attending can receive a "Certificate of Attendance" to provide to their teachers wishing to award credit. Ask for your certificate at the IDL information table!


Printable PDF Program below. 

Day of Light May 15 Free Programs v220428.pdf

Day of Light May 15 Free Programs v220428.pdf
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Schedule of Events

All shows are first come, first seated

2:00PM - Mysteries of the Unseen World

This planetarium show takes you on an extraordinary journey into unseen worlds and hidden dimensions beyond our normal vision to uncover the mysteries of things too fast, too slow, too small or simply invisible. The film uses innovative high-speed and time-lapse photography, electron microscopy, and nanotechnology to transport audiences to an enthralling secret world of nature, events, and breathtaking phenomena not visible to the naked eye. 

This film is presented by National Geographic Entertainment and Day's End Pictures and narrated by Forest Whitaker.


Olivia Fehlberg
Design Engineer, Edmund Optics

3:30PM - Discovering Light

Did you know that an asteroid camera, the world’s largest telescope, and fusion energy all use principles of light? World leaders in applications of light in space exploration, astronomy, and energy will show how light makes exciting discoveries possible in space and on Earth!

Join Dr. Bashar Rizk, Dr. Laird Close and Dr. Bruce Bayly as they explain how optics are used to explore asteroids, see the universe, and make clean energy possible on Earth. Dr. Lukas Gruber will be your host.


"Discovering Light" Host and Presenters

Program Host
Dr. Lukas Gruber
Business Development,
Leonardo Electronics US

Dr. Bashar Rizk
OSIRIS-REx Camera Suite Lead Instrument Scientist at UArizona 

Dr. Laird Close
Professor at UArizona Department of Astronomy

Dr. Bruce Bayly
Associate Professor at UArizona College of Science, Mathematics