Fossil Corner

Fossil Corner

Come visit our new “Fossil Corner” exhibit! This exhibit showcases the many different forms of life that flourished on the earth long ago, from dinosaurs to cave bears to exotic sea creatures. You’ll look back into deep geologic time to see how species rise and fall as life evolves over millions of years.

You’ll see two huge dinosaur bones that were found here in Arizona near Tucson! And you’ll learn what kinds of dinosaurs used to live here (they were much bigger than people!) and see where the bones fit into the skeletons of these massive reptiles.

You’ll also marvel at the “Paleo Reef” display, that shows in vivid, colorful detail what life looked like under the seas as it evolved across a span of 600 million years, from the Cambrian to the Cretaceous Period – it’s like gazing into a time-machine aquarium.

And you’ll wonder at the incredibly preserved fossils – the skull of a saber-toothed cat, the curvy spines of ammonites, the claws of a giant cave bear – all in the fossil display that is part of the outstanding “Mark LeFont Collection” at the UA Mineral Museum.

Plus, you have to try our new game that shows players “how to become a fossil.” The game teaches kids and families about how fossils form, and it’s already very popular. You’ll love the twists and turns, and you’ll realize how many things have to line up just right for fossils to be preserved in sedimentary rock and recovered intact.

Fossils give physical shape to the many different forms of life that came before us. They enable us to travel back in time and fill us with awe for the natural history of the planet. And they also give us a unique window into the process of evolution, from single-celled organisms in the Earth’s primordial oceans to the complex forms of life we see today.