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A new FullDome Show and Summer Science Saturday Event!


On July 14th, New Horizons will reach pluto and send back the first-ever close up images of the famous dwarf planet
Did You Know?
New Horizons was launched in 2006

June 13th - August 30th

The Heritage of Astronomical Art in Arizona

See what Arizona's best astronomical artists have created!
Did You Know?
This painting is by Robert McCall, courtesy of UA Archive of Visual Arts

New Mineral Exhibit Open Now!

Meet The Trilobites!

From big to small, come meet some of the first inhabitants!
Did You Know?
The largest full trilobite found was 28 inches long!

Narrated by Liam Neeson

Dynamic Earth

Learn about Earth's climate engine, and what separates us from Venus.
Did You Know?
Although very different, Venus is considered Earth's 'sister' planet.

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Purchase UA SciPAss

Purchase a UASciPass for $30! The UASciPass, a 39% savings, can be presented at each of the three UA Science attractions for (1) adult admission: Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium, Steward Observatory Mirror Lab, and Biosphere 2. The UASciPass can be purchased at the UA Bookstore, the Flandrau Science Store, Biosphere 2 or online at

Pluto Week 2015

Pluto Week

Birthdays at Flandrau

Birthdays are a blast at Flandrau! Come see why kids and parents alike call Science Discovery Birthday Parties the Best Birthday Ever! Click here for more information.