Winter Camp 2019

The Basics

COST: $50 per day

DATES: Jan. 2nd -Jan. 4th

TIMES: 9am-4pm

EARLY CARE: 7:30-8:30, $5 per day

AFTER CARE: 4:30-5:30, $5 per day

AGE GROUPS: Kindergarten-2nd grade and 3rd-6th grade

Opens November 1st for Flandrau Members only


Now Open!

Kinder-2nd Grade

Jr. Astronomers  is FULL (Wednesday, January 2nd) 
The discoveries are endless when you look to the stars. Become a junior astronomer as you learn about our galaxy, how to identify planets in our solar system, and learn the stories of the night sky in our FullDome planetarium theater. We will explore our galaxy and beyond!

Chemistry Kids is FULL (Thursday, January 3rd) 
Fizz, bubble, pop! Find out what a chemical reaction is as you hypothesize, create, and experiment with fellow scientists. This camp is sure to please your inner mad scientist since some mess will be required!

Levers, Gears, and Pulleys: LEGO® Simple Machines is FULL (Friday, January 4th) 
Calling all junior engineers! In this camp we will use Legos to build and create simple machines and explore how these machines make our work easier.

3rd-6th Grade

LEGO® Engineering: Battle Machines (Wednesday, January 2nd)
You and your partner will build machines and test their abilities as you challenge your opponents in the battle zone. Explore your inner engineer as you improve your machine for the next battle round.

Lost in Space (Thursday, January 3rd)
Blast off into outer space as you peer deep into the mysteries of our solar system, the universe, and beyond. Make observations like an astronomer, eat like an astronaut, and think like a physicist during this day of out-of-this world activities.

Chemistry 101 (Friday, January 4th)
Matter is all around you! As we examine the world of matter, we will explore why reactions occur and how molecules interact. As we do hands on experiments, you will learn to ask your own chemistry questions.