Fusion Summer Camp 2020

The Basics

Camps dates: June 1st-July 10th

Hours: 9am-4pm


  • Flandrau Member: $245
  • Non-Flandrau Member: $275

Early Care: 7:30am - 8:30am, $20 for 5 days

After Care: 4:30pm - 5:30pm, $20 for 5 days

Grade Level: Entering Fall 2020

Registration: Priority registration for Flandrau members opens at 9am on February 25th and general registration opens on March 3rd at 9am.

You must be an active member prior to signing up for camp to receive your discount! Sign up now before the priority registration window: Join today!


Kindergarten                    1st - 2nd                    3rd - 4th                    5th - 7th


Week Theme
Week 1, June 1 - 5
Star Light, Star Bright

Stars aren't just for wishing! This week you'll learn all about the sun, our nearest star, and the millions of far-away specks of light you see when you look up on a clear night. A trip to our FullDome planetarium theater will make this an out-of-this-world experience!

Week 2, June 8 - 12
Where the Wild Things Are

Let the wild rumpus begin! This week you'll explore the world of Max, king of all wild things, by learning about the jungle and all the creatures that live in it! Explore how these animals adapt to their habitats and what makes them unique! Join us for a week of adventure!

Week 3, June 15 - 19
Under the Sea 

Dive in and learn about animals that live in the deep blue sea, including fish, turtles, urchins and sea stars. Even though we're miles away from the ocean, you will have the opportunity to meet some of these creatures up close in Flandau's Marine Discovery Lab.

Week 4, June 22 - 26

Dinosaurs didn't disappear without a trace. They left behind tons of clues. We'll learn about their lives through fossilized bones, dinosaur tracks, eggs and other prehistoric evidence that can be found in Flandrau's very own Fossil Corner.

Week 5, June 29 - July 3
The Adventurous World of Eric Carle

Explore nature through Eric Carle’s colorful books. Learn what caterpillars really eat, how chameleons change color, how tiny seeds grow into tall trees, and whether you can really reach the moon by ladder.

Week 6, July 6 - 10
Insect Patrol 

Grab your nets, bug jars, and magnifying glasses to learn about some of nature's smallest crawling, creeping, and flying friends as we explore the world of insects in our Insect Discovery Lab.

1st - 2nd

Week Theme
Week 1, June 1 - 5
Desert Dwellers

Calling all desert dwellers! Get an up-close look at some unique creatures that call our Sonoran Desert home through hands-on activities, stories and much more. Come explore with us!

Week 2, June 8 - 12
Engineering Simple Machines 

Got levers, pulleys, gears, wheels and axles? We do! Explore the world of simple machines with LEGOs® and more. Gear up for fun and learning in this construction camp that's perfect for all budding engineers.

Week 3, June 15 - 19
To Infinity & Beyond

The discoveries are endless when you look to the stars. Become a junior astronomer as you learn about our galaxy, how to identify planets in our solar system, and learn the stories of the night sky in our FullDome planetarium theater. We will explore our galaxy and beyond!.

Week 4, June 22 - 26
Insect Inquiry  

What better way to learn about insects than with hands-on learning in our Insect Discovery Lab?! You’ll learn to love insects and find out what makes them unique. Through play and with live specimens, learn how insects use their senses to survive.

Week 5, June 29 - July 3
Whales, Sharks, and Fish, Oh My!

The ocean is full of life. In our Marine Discovery Lab you will learn how ocean plants and animals survive in the biggest part of the earth. Explore unique animal adaptations and why they are so important in the life aquatic.

Week 6, July 6 - 10
Chemistry Kids

Fizz, bubble, pop! Find out what a chemical reaction is as you hypothesize, create, and experiment with fellow scientists. This camp is sure to please your inner mad scientist since some mess will be required!

3rd - 4th

Week Theme
Week 1, June 1 - 5

Roll the die and take a chance with the board game that has a mind of its own! Explore the wild side of the jungle, solve puzzles and gather clues, all while learning how to escape danger, survive natural disasters, and more! Join us for a guaranteed adventure in the unknown and mysterious world of Jumanji!

Week 2, June 8 - 12

Join us as we travel our planet’s biomes and learn about the different ecosystems we have on Earth. Learn how each biome is unique and important for the plants and animals that call each biome home!

Week 3, June 15 - 19
3-2-1...Blast Off!

Learn all about rocket flight and design through physics and engineering exploration. This camp is guaranteed to ignite your interests as you build, test, and fly your own rockets.

Week 4, June 22 - 26
Shark Week

Friend or foe? Learn what makes sharks such fascinating creatures. In our Marine Discovery Lab we’ll explore shark anatomy and their adaptations including factors affecting shark buoyancy and speed, human impact on shark populations and habitats, as well as, predator-prey dynamics and behavior.

Week 5, June 29 - July 3
Motorized Machines

Do you like to build machines that move? During this LEGO® engineering camp, you’ll explore engineering concepts as you build, test, and improve your machines to go further and faster across the finish line.

Week 6, July 6 - 10
Planet Explorers 

Blast off into our solar system as we discover the wonders that each planet holds. We’ll learn about all eight planets (and why Pluto is no longer a planet) during this fun filled space week with visits to our Solar System Revealed exhibit as well as an out-of-this world visit to our FullDome planetarium theater.

5th - 7th

Week Theme
Week 1, June 1 - 5
CSI: Tucson

Become a super sleuth as you explore different types of evidence like footprints, fibers, handwriting, fingerprints, and DNA, that will help you answer the age-old question – whodunit? You'll be ready to say 'case closed' by the end of the week!

Week 2, June 8 - 12
Magnificent Marine Mammals

We’ll go under the sea, in our Marine Discovery Lab, to learn about mammals that call the ocean their home! Learn just how these mammals survive life in the water and what makes them different from the other creatures of the sea!

Week 3, June 15 - 19
Lego Battle Machines

Explore the relationship between force and motion in this camp meant for future engineers that like a challenge. You and a partner will design motorized machines to battle your opponents in the battle arena.

Week 4, June 22 - 26
Enviro Crusaders

Become a steward of the planet as you explore the environmental challenges Earth faces. Learn about human impact on renewable and non-renewable natural resources and sustainable solutions such as water conservation/harvesting, recycling, upcycling, composting and the role you can play in helping preserve our planet.

Week 5, June 29 - July 3
Graphic Novel 2.0

Calling all writers and artists!! This popular book genre is back for more this summer in the 2.0 edition! You and other storytellers will work to create thumbnails and storyboards as you develop your unique style of storytelling to create your own graphic novel by the end of this camp.

Week 6, July 6 - 10
Black Holes

Do you know about Black Holes? How about Supermassive Black Holes?! In this hands-on camp you will unlock some of their mysteries and explore theories and observations in our FullDome planetarium theater.