May The 4TH Be With You! Explore the science of STAR WARS at Flandrau

May 4, 2019

Join us in the spirit of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia to celebrate May The Fourth Be With You!at Flandrau with special STAR WARS activities and planetarium shows on May 4, 2019, costumes encouraged. And just for this event we’ll offer special pricing: $4 exhibits admission and $4 planetarium shows all day!

The Planets of STAR WARS
Before astronomers had even discovered that there are, in fact, other planets orbiting other stars (not our Sun) outside our solar system, the STAR WARS movies envisioned other habitable planets. Remember the twin suns of Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooine? Remember the frozen snowfields of the planet Hoth where the Rebel Alliance built their secret base?

Those imaginary worlds and so many others in the STAR WARS saga were planets beyond our solar system. Scientists call such planets “exoplanets” because they are outside (exo) our solar system. 

Years after the original films came out, exoplanets that share characteristics with Tattooine and Hoth and other worlds in the STAR WARS stories were discovered by astronomers. In fact, over the past decade scientists have realized that most of the stars we see in the night sky have at least one and possibly several planets in orbit around them! For this May The 4thevent, we’ll have a special STAR WARS edition of our planetarium show Life Beyond Earth: The Search For Undiscovered World,where you’ll learn about the real exoplanets that are similar to the STAR WARS planets!

STAR WARS Costumes and Activities
Don't miss the special guided STAR WARS activities that we’ve organized for May The Fourth Be With You!from 1-4pm. You can build your own glowstick light saber, or make your own spaceship!

We also encourage everyone to come in costume. When you visit dressed up as your favorite STAR WARS character, you’ll be eligible for our prize drawing: a Family Membership to Flandrau! Prize drawing at 4pm.

Plus, you can explore our new exhibit, Sharks: Magnificent and Misunderstood, and discover the dazzling specimens of the UA Mineral Museum!

Join us to celebrate the science of STAR WARS at Flandrau – cool science on a hot day!