Planetarium & Laser Show Schedule & Descriptions

We will be closing early on Monday, December 12th at 4pm.

We will be closing at 5pm on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. We will be closed Christmas Day and New Years Day. See below for updated schedule information. 

Winter Show Schedule, 11/25/16 - 1/8/17
Schedule subject to change.


No Shows


4pm Touring The Solar System *No Show 12/13


4pm Mysteries of the Unseen World


4pm Tucson Sky and Beyond 


4pm We Are Stars
5pm Mysteries of the Unseen World
6pm Touring the Solar System
7pm Season of Light
8pm Asteroid: Mission Extreme
9pm Laser Holidays Laser Light Music Show


12pm We Are Stars 
1pm Touring the Solar System 
2pm Season of Light 
3pm Tucson Sky and Beyond
4pm We Are Stars 
5pm Mysteries of the Unseen World
6pm Laser Holidays Laser Light Music Show
7pm Season of Light
8pm Asteroid: Mission Extreme
9pm Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon


1pm We Are Stars
2pm Touring the Solar System
3pm Season of Light
4pm Tucson Sky and Beyond

Christmas Eve/New Years Eve Schedule


11am We Are Stars 
12pm Season of Light 
1pm Laser Holiday 
2pm We Are Stars 
3pm Season of Light
4pm Laser Holiday 


Asteroid: Mission Extreme

This fulldome planetarium show about asteroids explores how they can tell us more about the origins of our solar system, how they could provide stepping-stones for human space exploration, and how they can pose a potential danger to life on Earth. There is so much to learn about asteroids in this visually stunning fulldome planetarium show from National Geographic. If you want to see asteroids as if you just landed on one, this is the show for you! Plus, each screening will include a “Live” planetarium show about the NASA’s OSIRIS-REX mission to return a sample from an asteroid! The University of Arizona is leading the first NASA mission that will fly to an asteroid and return to Earth with a pristine sample.

We Are Stars

A fun, gorgeously animated fulldome show about cosmic chemistry and our explosive origins, this dazzling film reveals how hydrogen and carbon, the very building blocks of life, formed in the universe and then brings it all back to us – we are made of stars!

Mysteries of the Unseen World

Visually stunning and rooted in cutting-edge research, Mysteries of the Unseen World will leave audiences in thrall as they begin to understand the enormity of the world they can’t see—a world that exists all around us at speeds or scales that we can’t detect. And with this understanding comes a new appreciation of the wonder and possibilities of science.

Tucson Sky and Beyond

tucson sky and beyond
This is our "classic" night sky show, but not like you remember it! Take a relaxing look at the night sky as one of our skilled "Console Captains" gives you a guided tour of the stars, planets, constellations and current events happening in the night sky. This live show is never the same and there is always a surprise in store.

Touring the Solar System

Touring the Solar System
Zoom away from planet Earth and take a guided tour through the Solar System! In this show we stop by each of the planets and learn why they are unique.  We’ll even explore moons, asteroids, the Milky Way and beyond. With one of our talented planetarium operators steering the spaceship, this is a fun, fascinating ride.

Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon & Laser Light Music shows

Pink_Floyd_Dark_Side_Web from AV Imagineering on Vimeo.