The University of Arizona


Parking for your visit to the Flandrau Science Center is close and convenient.

If you need help or more info, just call us at (520) 621-4516!


Weekdays (Free & Paid Parking)

  • We offer a limited number of free 2–hour curbside parking spaces on Hawthorne Street directly north of Flandrau after 1 pm — just ask at the front desk for a permit to hang in your windshield
  • You can often find open metered spaces on First Street and Second Street, both also north of Flandrau. These spaces allow parking for 2–4 hours, and you can pay at credit/debit card pay stations. Plus, all metered spaces on campus are free after 5 pm!
  • You can find nearby garage parking any time at the Second Street Garage or Cherry Avenue Garage (more info below). Days, the rate is $4 for 2 hours or $5 for 3 hours. After 5 pm, the rate drops to $2 for 2 hours and $3 for 3 hours


Weekends (Free Parking)

  • On weekends, the curbside spaces on Hawthorne (directly north of Flandrau) are free any time — no permit required.
  • The metered spaces on First Street and Second Street (also north of Flandrau) are also free (all UA metered space are free on weekends).
  • You can also park for free in UA permit-only parking lots on weekends, except on major game days and special events days
  • Garage parking is also free on weekends, again except on major game days and special events days


More Parking Info

  • The two closest UA garages are the Cherry Ave. Garage and 2nd Street Garage
  • The Cherry Avenue Garage is south of Flandrau at Cherry Ave. & 4th St., just east of the Main Library
  • The Second Street Garage is west of Flandrau at Mountain Ave. and 2nd St., just north of the Student Union
  • You can view or download a UA map at, and we're also working on creating our own map as a simpler guide to nearby parking
  • At no time can you park in surrounding neighborhoods without a special permit for neighborhood residents & their visitors.


Getting to Flandrau by Bus

  • You can reach the Flandrau Science Center by the Sun Tran bus system. Routes 15, 9 and 20 stop directly across the street from Flandrau — your stop being the "UA Mall."
  • If you need assistance with trip planning, or additional information on transfers, connecting routes, or times please call the Sun Tran bus station at (520) 792-9222 or look at the system wide transit map online at


School Buses and Group Vans

  • You can usually load and unload busses and vans for special groups on Hawthorne Street directly north of Flandrau. If bus parking spaces on the south side of Hawthorne are occupied, empty buses and vans must move to the designated parking area on National Champion Drive (south of the Cherry Avenue Garage) to allow access for other groups.
  • We offer a limited number of free 2–hour curbside parking spaces on Hawthorne Street directly north of Flandrau. Please check in with the front desk if you park on this curb- your vehicle must display a parking pass.
  • Parking for school buses and vans is along the curb on the west side of National Champion Drive. Although there are “NO PARKING” signs, school buses and vans may park there without being ticketed. Buses and vans may not to park on University Boulevard (the UA Mall).