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TelescopeFlandrau Observatory

The Observatory at Flandrau is run entirely by our wonderful volunteers. If you would like to visit the observatory please call 520.621.4516 ahead of your visit to check availability. We are working hard to make sure the observatory is open on a regular schedule, so please bear with us as we try to raise the funds needed to fully support the program.

Check out our Skywatcher's Guide for regular updates on what’s new and exciting to see in the night skies over Tucson.

About the Observatory

At the Flandrau Observatory you can look through a 16-inch reflecting telescope with the same optical design as professional telescopes on Arizona's mountaintops. An expert astronomer or telescope operator can point you (weather permitting) toward the sky’s best sky show this month and visitors can request different objects to view. In addition to eyepiece views through its main 16-inch telescope, the observatory uses a real-time Hyperstar imaging system on an auxiliary telescope, which is able to reveal the tails of comets not easily visible from city locations, along with details in bright nebulae and star clusters.