Physics Discovery

Audience: Grades K-12 (guided, level-appropriate activities for each grade level)

Science Field: Physics or Engineering

Sponsored by the Department of Physics, these hands-on workshops are designed to teach K-12 students about the simple laws that govern the physical universe. Guided activities include Newton’s laws of motion, making liquids from gases, making magnetism from electricity, and exploring the optics of mirrors and lenses. Activities are covered at a level appropriate to the age group of visiting students.

Venue: Physics Discovery Lab, UA Science: Flandrau

Schedule: Physics Discovery is offered in the spring.

Cost: Physics Discovery is $5 per student for groups of 15 to 30 students

(ask about Title 1 school discount)

For more information about scheduling programs, please contact:
Noel Hensley

For more information on Physics Discovery activities, please contact:

Srinivas Manne
Director, Physics Department Outreach