Marine Discovery

Marine Discovery

Sponsored by the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Marine Discovery is an outreach program designed to teach Grade 3-8 students about the importance of our oceans. Marine Discovery workshop stations are hands-on, activity-based programs which provide students with the opportunity to work with live marine animals and teaching specimens. Students are exposed to living and preserved organisms found in the Gulf of California and gain a general understanding of the scientific relationships between them. The workshop stations are facilitated by undergraduates at the UA majoring in science or education.

Program Goals

To encourage students to "think like scientists" using their observational, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

To introduce students to the marine environment, especially the Gulf of California, Tucson's near-by ocean.

To encourage higher education by allowing interaction with university students.

Workshop Stations

Shark Dissection: Students are led through the dissection of a dogfish (Squalus), with an emphasis on body form and function, and adaptations to the marine environment.

Squid Dissection: In groups of two or three, students dissect a squid (Loligo spp.), once again focusing on its special adaptations. Students who do not wish to dissect will be provided with an alternative activity.

Rocky Intertidal Zone: Students learn about the unique environment of the rocky intertidal zone and its special inhabitants, with an emphasis on the adaptations necessary for life in the zone between land and sea. Everything from echinoderms to chordates to some new creatures you may never have heard of are represented.

Plankton: Students learn about the plankton in our oceans, their importance as the base of the marine food chain, and the unique adaptations that they have to prevent sinking, and to protect themselves from predators.

Fish Diversity: Handle preserved specimens of fish from a variety of habitats. Learn how the shape of a fish can inform you about what it does for a living (form follows function).

Audience: 3rd-8th grade classes

When: Fall

Date and Times: Tuesdays - Fridays, 9:15-11:45 am

Group size: 10-40 students

Cost: $5.00 per child 
(ask about Title 1 school discount)

For more information about scheduling programs, fill out our Marine Discovery Request Form or contact:
Noel Hensley

For more information about the program please contact:

Katrina Mangin