Earth Science Discovery Request Form

Thank you for your interest for the Earth Science Discovery Program. This program runs from September 20th to December 2nd. Please fill out your request form below, and our Program Coordinator will get back to you shortly.


General Information

If other than lead teacher.

There is limited scholarships for our Earth Science Discovery Program to cover the costs of student admission and buses. Would you like to be considered for this program?

Visit Information

Need to bring more than one class? Let us know here!

We require that you bring a minimum of one chaperone, admitted free, for every 8 youths or children. Your first 5 chaperones are free; however, space is limited in the classroom, and some adults may not be able to participate. Please keep in mind that, for the duration of your visit, the chaperones are responsible for the behavior of the students they are accompanying.

Per visit.

Planetarium shows may be added on to your Earth Science Discovery program. Shows are approximately 1 hour, and are $2 per student, with Title I discounts available.

Science Center exhibits are included in the program fee; however, for scheduling, please indicate if you will be visiting the exhibits.


The Drop-off zone for buses is located north of the Science Center. Car, van and bus parking is available on Hawthorne, as well as additional bus parking on National Championship Drive (near the football stadium). Space is limited! In order to accommodate all our guests arriving by bus, we ask that you adhere to your scheduled arrival/departure times. Please call (520) 621-4516 and let us know if you will be arriving past your scheduled arrival time.