Chemistry Discovery

Chemistry Discovery is an outreach program with the goal of promoting and facilitating chemistry learning for middle-school students (grades 6-8). Our workshops are designed and conducted by University of Arizona students in collaboration with several faculty members from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Our students learn to apply the knowledge acquired in their chemistry classes in order to develop activities that prompt our visitors to discover chemical concepts in their daily experience and explore the chemical properties of common objects in the world around us.

This year, we will focus on four different content units organized in separate workstations. Students will work on several activities that demonstrate the concept of density, the synthesis of polymeric materials like nylon, the chemistry of glow sticks and the different pH values of common liquids.

The Chemistry Discovery workshops maintain an interactive and dynamic atmosphere in order to encourage students to ask questions, make observations and draw conclusions in activities that aim at recapitulating the experiences of scientists in the fields of chemistry and biochemistry.

Furthermore, our program promotes higher education by providing an opportunity for middle school students to discuss scientific observations while interacting with college students.


For more information about scheduling programs, please contact:
Noel Hensley

More Information about workshop content and activities:
Contact Prof. Elisa Tomat
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry