FullDome Jupiter

EOS Foundation Planetarium Theater

Come experience science like never before in our recently updated EOS Foundation Planetarium Theater. Surrounded by high definition 360º video and a pulsing sound system, our skilled planetarium pilots will take you on a fantastic journey where you might travel to the depths of the ocean or to the very edge of the known Universe!

The EOS Foundation Planetarium Theater has been amazing and entertaining audiences since opening in 1975. Many of today's adults in Tucson remember coming to Flandrau on field trips when they were in elementary or high school. Now their children are having similar experiences when their schools bring them for a visit. However, over the years the technologies for presentation at Flandrau have changed dramatically from a lone "Hector Vector the Star Projector" in the beginning, to adding slide projectors and special effects, to adding video projectors that could show cool animations. Now, with Flandrau's "Fulldome" video technology we are able to take audiences on a cosmic journey never imagined just a few short years ago as we explore Earth and all the planets of the Solar system up close, journey to nearby stars, and go beyond the Milky Way Galaxy into the far reaches of space. Come explore the limits of your imagination!