Puzzles Proofs and Patterns

Puzzles, Proofs and Patterns

puzzles proofs and patterns

Come spark your math imagination! Solve puzzles, play games, buid amazing shapes and create fascinating patterns.

Come explore our new exhibit, “Puzzles, Proofs, and Patterns: Experience the World of Mathematics” at Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium. Packed with hands-on games and puzzles for all ages, this new exhibit will tickle your brain as you hunt for solutions. And you’ll start to realize how math touches everything around us. Experience the power and perception of mathematics, and feel your brain get supercharged!

In collaboration with the University of Arizona’s Department of Mathematics, Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium is proud to present a new exhibit, “Puzzles, Proofs, and Patterns: Experience the World of Mathematics.” Full of hands-on puzzles and games that will tickle your brain, the new exhibit engages visitors with activities that use math to delight, inspire, and challenge.

In the exhibit you’ll see how math touches everything in our daily lives, and you’ll learn about the history of mathematics through the stories of the men and women who made it happen. Math is a powerful tool that enables us to both measure and transform our world. It also enables us to explore new worlds. Using mathematics we’ve described the laws of nature, and that’s why math has been called “the language of the universe.” Many people don’t think of math as a “science” but in fact it has been called the “Queen of the Sciences” because it is the foundation of physics, chemistry, astronomy and all other fields of science.

The exhibit was created in collaboration with David Glickenstein, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the UA Department of Mathematics. Glickenstein received a Career Grant from the National Science Foundation that helped to fund the exhibit. He studies advanced geometry and topology, and his research inspired several displays in the exhibit.

In particular, when it comes to geometry, this exhibit covers all the angles. You’ll interact with a host of geometric shapes: create patterns like M.C. Escher, walk through a giant dodecahedron, or use a joy-stick to travel through the strange interactive world of manifolds.

Once you’ve solved a few of the puzzles you’ll be hooked, and you’ll have to come back for more. It all adds up to a lot of fun for adults and kids alike! 

Are you a puzzle master? Try the exhibit Scavenger Hunt! (PDF)! Print and bring this in with you for an additional challenge.

Teacher's Math Standard's Guide, PDF, 243kb