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Exploring Sky Islands

Here in Southern Arizona, we live in one of the most unique environments in the world. We’re famous for the natural beauty of our landscape, and that landscape also boasts an incredible range of plants, birds, and animals thanks to the mountains that rise above our desert basins. We call those mountains Sky Islands - they are home to an astonishing level of biodiversity, a multitude of species that live in the cooler, wetter habitats at higher elevations. Runs through Fall 2014



crystalline treasures  

The Best of the Best: Prize Minerals from the Vaults of Arizona's Collectors

Our new exhibit, “The Best of the Best: Prize Minerals from the Vaults of Arizona’s Collectors” brings together many of the most exquisite minerals from the most admired collections in the state. Here in Arizona, the passion and science of mineral collecting goes back over a century, and Arizona collectors have gathered many of the finest mineral specimens from around the world. But this exhibit offers more than dazzling minerals, it brings together the stories behind the minerals – the search, the discovery, the history, and the awe-inspiring science – that makes these specimens come to life and conveys the excitement that inspires the collectors.