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Exploring Sky Islands

Exploring Sky Islands

Take the whole family on a fun, informative journey through the science and wonders of our unique Sky Islands Region.Exploring Sky Islands

Don’t miss Flandrau’s exhibit, “Exploring Sky Islands” full of fun, hands-on exhibits that will take you from our desert basins to the pine forests on top of our Arizona mountains.  Now open!

Here in Southern Arizona, we live in one of the most unique environments in the world.  We’re famous for the natural beauty of our landscape, and that landscape also boasts an incredible range of plants, birds, and animals thanks to the mountains that rise above our desert basins.  We call those mountains Sky Islands - they are home to an astonishing level of biodiversity, a multitude of species that live in the cooler, wetter habitats at higher elevations.

Science enables us to discover the wonders of our Sky Islands, and “Exploring Sky Islands” will guide you to discover the geology, biology, and ecology of our region through interactive exhibits. Clamber up our climbing wall to learn how the mountains formed, build a giant hoodoo to learn about the shapes erosion can create, race raindrops through the soil, play the Life Zone matching game, and start an avalanche with our towering rock-fall simulator.

The rocks, the water, the life, and even the fire all play a role in our amazing Sky Islands.  And all that science makes "Exploring Sky Islands" a fascinating exhibit for the whole family.  Come see us, and prepare to have fun!

This exhibit was was made possible with generous support from:

NSFSky Island Alliance