Relive Astronomy 101 with ASTRO 101: Yesterday & Today

astro 101 homecoming weekend

Do ​you ​have ​fond ​memories ​of ​the ​Astronomy ​course ​you ​took ​in ​college? ​ ​Experience ​first-hand ​how ​we ​teach ​introductory ​Astronomy ​to ​today’s ​students ​using ​cutting-edge ​FullDome ​digital ​technology. ​

Dr. ​Tom ​Fleming ​will ​give ​a ​special ​lecture, ​“Space ​is ​Wildcat ​Country”, ​which ​will ​illustrate ​the ​science ​behind ​University ​of ​Arizona ​projects, ​including ​ ​OSIRIS-REx, ​the ​NIRCam ​of ​James ​Webb ​Space ​Telescope ​and ​the ​Giant ​Magellan ​Telescope. ​ ​The ​lecture ​will ​also ​explore ​the ​nature ​of ​black ​holes ​and ​how ​to ​find ​so-called ​“extrasolar” ​planets.

$3 per ticket. Tickets available for advance purchase online here or for purchase day of at Flandrau’s ticket desk.

Astro 101: Yesterday & Today
Dr. Tom Fleming, Astronomer, Senior Lecturer
October 28, 2017
Flandrau Science Center & Planetarium

Tickets: $3 for lecture tickets; General exhibits may be added on for $4.
All sales final. No refunds for Special Events. No coupons or other discounts applicable with Special Event Pricing.

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