Flandrau is now raising funds to produce a feature planetarium show about NASA’s OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample return mission. Never before has a NASA mission returned a sample from an asteroid. The sample from OSIRIS-REx, a chemical time capsule from 4.5 billion years ago, will provide vital clues about the origins of our solar system and life on earth.

The University of Arizona leads the mission for NASA. In that role, U of A stands among a handful of elite institutions trusted to lead planetary missions. This is a chance to share the University’s knowledge and expertise in planetary science with audiences all over the United States and the world

The OSIRIS-REX planetarium show will be produced in the fulldome digital format for broad distribution. More than 600 planetarium theaters around the United States have fulldome projection systems, and 26 million people attend shows in those planetariums annually.

A cutting-edge NASA mission, OSIRIS-REx marks another great chapter in space science for the University of Arizona. Show your support by donating today and become a part of science history.

For more information contact Shipherd Reed, To donate, click below.